Hospital Bombing Propaganda

In recent weeks a subtle propaganda war has been going on between the United States and Russia. Both countries have been trying to demonstrate the legitimacy of their involvement in Syria and Iraq. In order to delegitimize Russia’s involvement in the conflict, I’m convinced, the United States has launched a purposely bogus story about the Russians bombing multiple hospitals around Syria.

Before I go any further this would not be the first time. The United States routinely makes up bogus stories to try and legitimize itself and achieve its aims.

The recent allegations that Russia has bombed several hospitals this week, if not a blatant PR conspiracy to turn the war fever up in the United States, is spun out of control.

Here are a collection of news articles I have found claiming or promoting the allegation that Russia has bombed numerous hospitals in Syria.

These four articles and the plethora of articles like them feature one thing in common, and that thing is that they don’t feature any evidence.

According to reports the American State Department is suggesting that Russia has bombed at least one and as many as 12 hospitals in Syria. Unfortunately for US propagandist there are not quite as many photos and satellite evidence from these hospital bombing as there are of the US bombing of a hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan.

Unfortunately I cannot seem to find any evidence that Russia bombed these hospitals, that these hospitals were bombed, or for that matter if these hospitals even existed to begin with.

When pressed the state department refused to give any evidence.

Here is a more comprehensive RT response to these allegations.

Where are the numbers, figures and claims the United States State Department is pushing coming from?

Since the US seems to not want to share any satellite images, videos, or photos of any of these incidences we are simply left with the word of a few organizations whom the articles purporting Russia is bombing hospitals.

The claims that these hospitals are coming from a few organizations that could probably provide a little bit more detail.

Let’s take the Syrian American Medical Society

On that page it shows a map of Syria where this group has been doing work. You would think that some footage of the supposed bombing of Idlid would make it out of this group’s meetings with the US State Department.

Other details come from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. A group that has a history of being an anti-goverment mouth piece and whose leader has has not visited Syria in 15 years.

So without seeing any actual pictures of these non-existant hospitals that were supposedly destroyed by Russia I am going to assume that this is another case of a carefully crafted propaganda narrative dreamed up by people in the anals of the US government or “Defense” Industry. A la babies in incubators, Gulf of Tonkin, Jane Lynch. They were probably inspired by the recent plethora of US supported, targeted, and carried out hospital bombings across the world in the last month that are supported by real evidence.

Another Day Another Hospital Blown Up By US Weapons and Support

Monday night the Saudi-led American backed coalition bombed a hospital in Yemen. While it appears nobody was killed in the direct attack the hospital serves around 200,000 people, and in a poor war-torn country like Yemen those people do not really have an alternative.

While at first it was unclear who did the bombing(because Saudi Arabia denied it) it is now clear because the coalition has admitted that the bombing was indeed theirs.

Even though it was Saudi Arabia carrying out this bombing their coalition’s war can only occur with explicit support from the United States. Ever since the war really took off in March of this year the United States has been whole hardily consistent in providing weapons and logistical support for Saudi Arabia, while the media in America has been virtually silent on this issue. All in all this makes two civilian hospitals in less than a month for the Obama administration.

Here are just a few of the ways the American government along with our European friends have been supporting a brutal monarchy bomb the ever loving shit out of a small country so that we can appease an “ally” that would turn their backs on us in a second(in addition to probably helping the 911 hijackers) and so defense contractors can make a few extra bucks.

The above Wall Street Journal describes the United State’s support quite clearly. Plus you gotta love how that headline is followed by the tag line “Washington has concerns about Riyadh’s goals in the conflict”

In the article we get some proof that the United States is actively providing targets and information for most of the bombings that are occurring nowadays.

Once the war was well under way the United States updated the Saudi’s military quite extensively.

So while it is somebody from Saudi Arabia or UAE dropping the bomb it is done with US or European equipment and the targets are provided by the United States military.

Perhaps the most messed up thing about this is how Western countries actively colluded to make Saudi Arabia the head of the UN Human Rights Council thus making it extremely difficult for the UN to do anything about the situation.

It is even asserted by the Associated Press that the United States Military(Green Berets in particular) knew that the target was a functioning hospital.  This makes two hospital bombings, and two outrageous war crimes,  in just one month for the Obama administration.