Western Surrender, The Strategic FAILURE in the “War On Terror”

America and its allies have been fighting its War of Terror…I mean “War on Terror” for almost a decade and half. I’m gonna take the notion of the “War on Terror” seriously for a second and assume its not mostly for certain people‘s enrichment and look at it strategically.

Advanced countries that suffer terrorist attacks very rarely are fighting to ensure that Islamic motivated terrorist attacks do not hit their civilians*.

Now they are fighting Terrorists, as in somebody who wishes to invoke “terror” to achieve a political objective.

So in the “War on Terror” Jihadists are using terror as a tactic to achieve their strategic aims.

Terrorism is a tactic that has several purposes which can include but is not limited to killing innocent civilians(showing that you will), damage infrastructure(showing that you can), create a sense of fear in the population(that eats at their moral) and to create a sense of loss which can be a symbol like the Twin Towers or the loss of love ones. There are some countries where terrorist attacks are so bad that the average person has probably lost someone they know to a terrorist attack.

So when you are a collection of countries that value “freedom” and are fighting a “War on Terror” it would make sense to not do things that advance the strategic aims of the enemy. Like say canceling large annual events like Brussels canceling of their annual New Years fire works display. Something that advances the sense of fear and continues to wear at the morale of the populace.

Tactically it is stupid because if the “enemy” wished to do a terrorist attack they would have an easy time making a list of crowded places.

Strategically it is stupid because it advances the cause of the “enemy.”


*In my opinion it’s more about economic infrastructure, but let’s go with what the politicians say.


Sanders Doesn’t Stand A Chance

The chaotic 2016 Primary Process can roughly be summarized by the rise of political outsiders “shaking things up.” Something I always like to see, but on the side of the Democratic Party the outsider is actually floundering.

I mean this polling is one thing, and granted Sanders does have the edge over Clinton in New Hampshire. But the thing about New Hampshire is that it is the only state where there seems to be any kind of real political contest going on during this Democratic Primary season. Having some knowledge of the Clinton political apparatus I would reason that they are not exactly going to give up on it.

Believe it or not the Democratic Party seems to really want Hillary Clinton as their nominee and there’s nothing you can do about it. Click here to get a look at who the very core of the Democratic Party is endorsing thus far. That’s a lot of scrolling so thankfully somebody else put this into visual form.

This is the biggest indicator of why Bernie Sanders WILL NOT be the nominee. Endorsements played a plenty heavy role in the turn out previous elections. Sorry guys but Killer Mike’s endorsement is exactly gonna win this for Bernie.

This is why I don’t think that even a “solid” debate performance by Sanders can change things now. I told myself this wouldn’t be about bashing Sanders or Clinton(there’s plenty) but here’s my take.

On one side you have Republicans who scour the Earth trying to find ANYTHING they can find to attack her with and on the other you have heaps of Democrats who go through mental gymnastics to convince themselves that she would be an honest and competent leader of America. On both sides you’re dealing with masses of people who may very well not even be able to find America on the map.

The only thing that can stop Hillary Clinton now is a SEVERE fuck up.

Even then the economic establishment will not EVER let Bernie Sanders become president unless they knew they could control him, which they probably could to be honest. If not that then they will do everything in their powers to get rid of him as a threat on their hold of power. They can’t shoot him but the propaganda machine would probably make it so half the people at these rallies think that he’s a “EVIL WHITE RACIST/SEXIST OLD MAN!” or something like that. It seems like some of his supporters already do… hmmm maybe Sanders knows that if he attacks Hillary Clinton too hard that’s what will happen.

It appears that there is a HEAVY bias in the democratic party for Hillary Clinton. Even among her primary opponents. Sanders had plenty of chances to take  perfectly legitimate attacks on her, but stopped short. Even things like the E-Mail scandal, instead of going on any sort of offensive Sanders practically apologized for Hillary Clinton. Criticism during a primary election doesn’t make you a Republican shill!

If Sanders were any smart he would study the 2008 campaign a bit more closely and how even though Clinton and Obama had quite a brawl nobody emerged from it thinking Barack Obama hated women. Sanders is basically a more authentic Barack Obama, it could work.



World of Nigerian Scams

Everyone has received an email from the Nigerian prince who needs you to wire him several thousand dollars, but the population is likely not aware of the world of these scammers and their victims. Something that speaks for both the scammers craftiness and foolhardy nature of humans.

While the most common scam is the Advance-fee Scam, where the scammers try and get you to wire money in guise that this money is being used to help them free up their vast fortune. What is a bit more bizarre and almost unbelievable is the Nigerian Love Spell scam.

That is completely right. There are website completely dedicated to either trying to get a love spell cast or dedicated to avoiding scams. People actually need fucking GUIDES to realize that sending money via Western Union for a love spell is a bad idea.


There are countless testimonials written by these scammers about successful spells and them getting back their lost girlfriend. Some of these testimonials are great works of fiction even involving trips to Africa and ancient rituals that led to them getting their desired lover.

This blog I found


is a pretty source Nigerian scam material so I credit them with the following testimonials I’ll provide.

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Another good story

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As amazing as it there are people who have been scammed out of hundreds of thousands of dollars by these scammers!

Some of these idiots have even traveled to Africa to be kidnapped and murdered!

Greek George Makronalli was 29 years old when he was invited to South Africa in 2006 to complete a lucrative deal with his new business allies. On arrival, his host supposedly took him round on a familiarization tour of infrastructures on ground for the smooth take off of their enterprising deal. At a particular point however, he suspected foul play when he noticed that many things were amiss in the deal. He tried to back out but his host won’t succumb, a situation which culminated in several bitter outbursts. George was overpowered, kidnapped, and murdered in cold blood, when his family failed to pay a stipulated ransom. This incidence sparked off INTERPOL investigations into the matter. George, however, is not the only one who had died after falling mugu (victim) of internet scams.

All of this was a little depressing until I found out that decent people can be crafty too. I discovered the hobby of scam-baiting where would be victims fuck with their scammers to get one over on them.

The website


is dedicated to this hobby is filled with photos and stories of their “trophies.” The scammers are so desperate for victims that they actually do almost anything to try and prove that they are real.


This guy is just one of the scammers that ended up looking like a complete fool thanks to these guys. Their website is chalk full of these kind of images check it out for yourself.


I’ll provide a few of my favorites to close out this post.